Dr. John Morella Ph. D.
A Guide For Effective Psychotherapy
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Obtain a referral, make an appointment, and off you go to see the psychotherapist ---right? WRONG! Dr. John Morella, offers a step-by-step guide to enhance your therapy outcome even BEFORE you walk through the therapy room door. Millions of people each year, who seek help for their psychological disorders, do so without understanding the complexities of psychotherapy. "I’ve seen the anxiety on their faces when they arrive for their first session. Most of the angst is attributed to their lack of basic information that would empower them to a more vital role with the therapy process. This book will achieve that objective."

Wouldn’t you check out the contractor who wants to build your house? What’s his reputation, credentials, and meet with him to discuss your dream house? Of course you would. Your mental health deserves the same scrutiny. This book offers direct, easy to read, jargon-free and understandable counsel on a host of issues important to achieving a good outcome.

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  • The differences in education, training, and credentials of a psychologist, psychiatrist, psychoanalysts, social worker, licensed professional counselor, pastoral counselor and others who advertise simply as a psychotherapist.
  • The different therapeutic theories that support the application of therapy. All therapy approaches are not created equal. You will learn the difference between behavioral, cognitive, psychoanalytic, humanistic and other orientations of therapy.
  • What format is therapy delivered---individual, couple, family, group, play therapy? Learn about brief or time-limited therapy as cost effective.
  • When is psychological testing valuable to the diagnostic and therapy process? Understand your diagnosis, your rights to privacy, confidentiality and other issues specific to ethics in psychotherapy.
  • About the special issues involved in counseling with children and teenagers. Learn about the special characteristics you want to see in your child’s therapist. When therapy is crucial and when therapy should be an option for your child’s emotional growth and development.
  • How to obtain referrals and what to do next.
  • View the numerous websites provided to educate yourself on many psychological disorders and for support.
  • And so much more.
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