Dr. John Morella Ph. D.

Speaker Opportunities

Dr. Morella has been an advocate of children and adolescents for over thirty-five years as a licensed psychologist, academician, consul-
tant, and parent. He has conducted workshops, seminars, lectures, and casual presentations to a variety of groups, educational and civic organizations and mental health professionals.        more »»

Included Topics

  • How to find the right therapist for your child or teen
  • How to tell if your child or teen requires therapy
  • Guidance tips for teenagers going through divorce of parents
  • How to construct a written behavioral contract with your child or teen

A Guide For Effective Psychotherapy

A Guide For Effective Psychotherapy Learn More About A Guide For Effective Psychotherapy

Obtain a referral, make an appointment, and off you go to see the psychotherapist --right?
Dr. John R. Morella, in his book, A Guide for Effective Psychotherapy, offers a step-by-step guide to enhance your therapy outcome even before you walk through the therapy door.

Give Teens A Break!

Give Teens A Break! Learn More About Give Teens A Break!

Thirty million teens are our children, our students, our neighbors and our fellow citizens. They are not aliens and should not be viewed as troublesome and dysfunctional.
In his book, Give Teens A Break!, Dr. Morella provides parents and teens with valuable information to establish positive and lasting relationships.

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